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Swimsuit Festival!! The members of the Shinigami Women's Association are shopping for new swimsuits. Lieutenant Nanao Ise holds up a purple bikini and wonders whether she's allowed to show off a bit or not. Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto asks her why it's giving her such a hard time because she doesn't have any breasts to show off anyways.

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Bleach is, more or less, a male-dominated world. As the manga and anime progressed, audiences met more and more powerful women with tremendous abilities, while the ones they already knew and loved like Rukia grew even stronger. Reaching new heights in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, the skills of their races e. It is difficult to fight against or block, since she does not just create and then throw Reishi bombs; instead, whatever her Reishi even slightly touches turns into a bomb and explodes. She destroys large areas and kills low-ranking Shinigami with a click of her fingers. She easily defeats Shinji Hirako, a Captain and Visored although he was grievously injured, not killed , and barely has to defend herself against Hinamori, a Lieutenant, until Captain Komamura finds a way to turn her ability against her.

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By: Brady. By: Hendy. By: Alex. By: Ben.
They are brave and tough. Some are high school students, while others are hardened warriors. Some are gentle and kind, while others are devilishly wicked. But they have one thing in common, all these hot Bleach girls are more than capable of turning heads.

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